CHARON Pluto Series
  • Premium leatherette upholstery
  • High density; precisely cut cold-cure foam
  • 4 Directional soft PU coated armrests
  • Upgraded Class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Adjustable full-length backrest recline
  • Multi-functional tilt mechanism
  • Sturdy 70cm diameter aluminium base
  • Nylon 60mm soft PU castors
  • FREE velour head pillow included
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Great Gaming. Low Price.
Clan Gaming is one of finest gaming cafe which is spread out over 3000 sq ft near Kamanahalli. CLAN Gaming Lounge is a labour of love made by gamers, for gamers.
Gaming experience in Clan Gaming vs other cafes in Bangalore

Only a gamer can relate to the emotions behind every game played at any level. At the same time, being a gamer in India is no cake walk. From parents to colleges, gaming is looked at as a waste of time. Most gamers in India find it impossible to spend continuous hours gaming on their PC at home without hearing a mouthful from their parents or someone plugging out the internet line.

Many gamers prefer to play at a nearby Gaming Cafe instead. However, if you look at any Gaming Cafe in Bangalore, most of them struggle to provide an good gaming experience, let alone an amazing one. Barring only a few, almost every Gaming Cafe in Bangalore struggles with lag, poor FPS, power cuts, malfunctioning components which prevents them from providing long hours of seamless gaming. While some cafes do provide good specs, they have a terrible in Cafe experience. Most Gaming Cafes in Bangalore have broken/uneven chairs while many others have completely different peripherals on each PC. Therefore, gamers have a personal preference on which PC they would like to occupy due to the lack of consistency between PCs in the same cafe. In simple words gamers live with only a mediocre experience in any Gaming Cafe in Bangalore.
Clan Gaming : Esports Gaming Cafe in Bengaluru

We are here to ensure no gamer faces any of the above hassles. CLAN Gaming Cafe, located in HBR Layout, Kamanhalli, is Bengaluru's first dedicated eSports hub. Our aim is to pioneer the Indian eSports scene; to create a community and culture that takes eSports to the next level. At Clan Gaming Cafe, you will no longer be troubled by internet issues, poor FPS or faulty hardware. We are here to provide a seamless gaming experience where your only worry should be on how to win the game. The surreal gaming environment at the cafe will get you right into the zone and have you pumping your fists. One of our primary aims is to bring Indian Gamers into the International E-Sports competitive arena. Not only have we envisioned Indian gaming teams playing in the E-Sports majors, we strongly believe that the Indian Gamers have the potential to get there and win. We are here to pave that path for you with regular events which not only bring you laurels, but also challenge your skill as a gamer. Being a professional gamer in India is not too far away in the future.
Why Clan Gaming is the best gaming cafe in Bengaluru?

Being passionate gamers ourselves, we realize that a gaming cafe needs more than computers and peripherals for gamers to play games on. Along with providing an amazing in-game experience, we also create the perfect atmosphere for gaming, while bringing together people who are in the same place for the same reason as you. Clan Gaming is a Premium Gaming Cafe in Bangalore focused on eliminating all the bad experiences that gamers have in a Gaming cafe in Bangalore. Our specs are top notch to ensure high performance gaming. We have two internet lines which are load balanced to ensure you can engage yourself in gaming without facing any interruption even when one of the internet lines goes down. Since our configs and peripherals are consistent across all machines, you can pick any seat in the cafe and be ensured of the same gaming experience. We thereby have no doubts in saying that Clan Gaming is among the best gaming places in Bangalore. We specialize in PC Games in Bangalore to help gamers quench their thirst of high quality gaming and to be able to play, compete and win at the highest level.
What are the PC Games you can play in Clan Gaming Bengaluru?

At Clan Gaming CS GO, Dota 2, PUBG and Fortnight are the primary PC Games that you can play. In addition to the above, any gamer can login to their own account and play the game of their choice. On the console front, gamers can indulge in Fifa on PS4's over high quality Full HD screens.
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Playing CSGO in our gaming cafe : That's an ACE!

CS GO being among the top games that gamers play, Clan Gaming will guarantee you the utmost gaming quality. If you are a rifler, your spray will land exactly as per your intent. If you are an awper, the sweet sound of the click of the trigger will be followed by a precise shot. We ensure 300 FPS on all our PCs along with the headset to hear footsteps accurately and a smooth mousepad/mouse where you can drag an awp shot for as long as a distance you require. The more you game at Clan Gaming, the higher the tally of your aces will be.
Playing DOTA2 in our gaming cafe: Rampages Baby!

Dota 2 is one game which has stood the test of time and runs on pretty low config PCs. Our PCs have way above the config necessary to facilitate Dota 2 gamers playing at even the top tier. In most Dota 2 Gaming Cafes in Bangalore, the overall MMR of the players falls under the average bracket making it difficult for a high MMR gamer to find good players around locally. Additionally, for ranked matches in the Dota 2 Gaming Cafes, the inconsistent internet speeds and frequent power cuts can spell doom for the MMR of the player. We intend to bring all the nearby pro Dota 2 gamers together, so that you can compete against the best and hone your skill. In no time, rampages will be a daily affair for you
Playing FIFA 2019 in our gaming cafe: It's a GOALLLLL!

Our PS4 Consoles along with the 40 inch Full HD screens and comfort seating will provide you a pleasing experience to say the least. Play against a friend or as a group and become a champion. Get your flicks on, manoeuvre your through balls, swing some high crosses in, hit the trigger with gusto and watch the ball sail past the goalkeeper into the net.
Gaming Zone : Inside Clan Gaming
Rs 60
per hour
Rs 890
per year
* VIP members will have a separate queue called "Priority Queue" and need not wait for their turn to game. Non-VIP gamers can book in advance by paying a booking fee of 50 per PC and a minimum of 5 bookings.
Enjoy Premium Gaming Experience
Join the ranks of professional and amateur gamers who've taken their gaming experience to the next level.
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